This is a short guide for Editing. For more detail read our tutorial.

Editing a pageسمول

You can edit any non-protected page by clicking on the "edit" link on top of every page. Your changes will be immediately visible after saving your changes. (To learn more see here.)

Creating a pageسمول

You can add new pages on any subject that is covered in this wiki.

Naming a new pageسمول

Since anything can become subjected to philosophical argument, please follow certains guidelines: Simple definitions shall be added to our dictionary as follows Phictionary:Page_title, with Page_title being replaced by your definiendum. Pages about this wiki shall follow the Philosophy:Page_title rule, help pages accordingly its Help:Page_title rule.

How to addسمول

The best way is to create a link in an existing page using the naming rule mentioned above. Then click on that link which will open a page that allows you to add contents – then click "save".

Using headingsسمول

You can use headings and subheadings. They are created using equal signs like ==Top level heading==. A heading using a single equal sign is reserved to indicate multiple languages for an article.

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